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Your Privacy Rights

                                      Notice of Your Financial Privacy Rights


TDEx Delivery Service of Arizona knows you expect privacy and security for your personal financial information. We respect your privacy and are committed to treating your information responsibly.


You are receiving this privacy notice because you are either a TDEx Delivery Service customer or are considering becoming a customer. This notice describes the types of information TDEx Delivery Service collects from our customers and our practices and policies concerning how we handle your information and that of your clients.


We believe many companies appreciate receiving offerings of services that may be useful to them. At the same time, we understand the need to safeguard sensitive information you have entrusted with us and that you expect privacy and security for your clients’ personal and financial affairs.


TDEx Delivery Service is entrusted with non-public information about your clients from the following sources:


·         Information you deliver via TDEx Delivery Service in the form of documents.

·         Information other parties deliver via TDEx Delivery Service to or from you on your behalf.



                    TDEx Delivery Service will not disclose your clients’ information without the written approval of your company, now and in the future.


We limit access to non-public personal documents to only those employees and independent contractors (that have signed contracts with TDEx Delivery Service) who need to handle your documents in order to provide service to you. We maintain physical and procedural safeguards to guard your clients’ non-public personal information.


After you are no longer a customer, we will continue to treat any information that we might have acquired subject to our policy.


We appreciate your business and want you to understand our commitment to maintaining the privacy of your clients’ personal information, as expressed in this Notice of Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy applies to all of our customers. This Privacy Policy is effective as of December 1st, 2002. We reserve the right to amend the policy at any time. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact our Customer Service Department at the address above.






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